How We Can Help You Buy Your “Magnificent Manor”

The Magnificent Manors Team will make the process of buying your new home easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming, and less expensive than it would be if you performed it alone. We will help you find and evaluate homes for sale that match your criteria for your new “Magnificent Manor.” We will help you prepare for the purchase, and we will advocate on your behalf so the seller knows you are a qualified buyer and understands the benefits of your offer. Just as important, we will help you through the myriad of details that go with the contract to closing process so you complete every milestone on time and without stress.

We measure our success by the feedback from our clients. We take great pride in hearing tha they loved working with us and they love their new homes, neighborhoods and communities. We operate our real estate business by referral so we focus our time, talents, and energy on making sure you enjoy your buying experience so much that you are inspired to refer us to your friends, family and colleagues.

We Will Work Closely Together To Find Your New “Magnificent Manor”

In our initial consultation, we discuss the kind of home you need and want. We determine what location(s) you are interested in, what style of home you want, and how much you want to invest in your purchase. We also work to understand your life goals so we can work together to make sure your home purchase achieves them. Our clients have found this initial consultation ensures that we are efficient with your time and focused on the homes that are meaningful to you.

We Will Help You Prepare To Buy

We will make arrangements to meet with one of our knowledgeable, professional loan officers to determine exactly what you can afford and what you want to afford to meet your life goals. As we start the home search process together, obtaining a pre-approval letter from your loan officer is an important first step. This letter will help you focus on homes in the price range that is comfortable for you, and will strengthen your bargaining position once we find the “magnificent manor” you wish to buy. When your offer to a seller includes a letter from your lender indicating that you are already qualified for a loan, the seller will take you more seriously, and allow us to ratify more quickly. Moreover, with one step in the loan process completed, you are in a position to close quickly making your offer more attractive to a seller.

We Will Find The Right Homes For You To View

We have the best possible resources and communication systems available today to help you locate the homes on the market that match your specifications. You can run home searches from our Magnificent Manors website or the Keller Williams mobile app, and save your search criteria and results. We will also send you regular emails when new listings matching your criteria come on the market.

We will save you time, money and effort at each step of the home buying process.

Through networking with our Keller Williams colleagues, other Realtors® and continuously previewing homes coming on the market, we will find the home that is just right for you. We understand home values well, so we can help you determine which properties are priced fairly and in the condition you are seeking before we view them. When we find your “magnificent manor” we will analyze the comps in the neighborhood and advise you on a fair offer price.

We Will Negotiate A Fair Price And Terms

Finding the home that is just right for you is an important part of the process. Buying this home at a fair price and terms is critical to ensure you don’t over pay and have buyer’s remorse after you move in. The Magnificent Manors Team brings our negotiating expertise to each of our client’s transactions, saving them money and reducing the stress associated with the largest purchase you make in your lifetime. There are numerous terms in the contract that affect the price of your new home. We will make sure each one is addressed and optimized to meet your needs.

Once You Select Your “Magnificent Manor”

We will be at your side through every step in the process once you ratify the contract for the purchase of your new “Magnificent Manor.” There are many deadlines associated with your inspections, financing and settlement. We develop a customized Road Map to Closing for your transaction so you know in advance each step, each deadline, and who is responsible. That way you can plan your schedule and you will not experience any surprises. Most importantly, our systematic contract to closing approach ensures you will not miss a deadline. We understand that you have other commitments, so our Magnificent Manors Team will complete as much of the work on your behalf as allowed, communicating with you at all times.