Sale Success Essentials

Today’s competitive market looks and acts significantly different than the market of even a year ago. To be truly successful, we:

  1. Manage a comprehensive marketing program that includes the personal contacts, the internet, traditional media, and social media.
  2. Use advanced technology that allows buyers worldwide full access to information on your home, around the clock.
  3. Automatically collect and aggressively pursue lead.
  4. Manage the contact follow-up that assures timely and effective response with home buyers.
  5. Effectively negotiate the contract price and terms and each contingency to your benefit.
  6. Ensure compliance with the contract terms and applicable laws and regulations.

The sales tools we use are the best available today. They help us do what we do best: Sell homes!

We use…

  • Social media
  • Foreign language web translations
  • Mobile apps
  • Multiple listing services
  • Document management systems

Why Do These Technologies Work?

  1. Buyers want 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to seller information by phone or computer. Our system provides up-to-the-minute information on available properties around the clock. Buyers can view listings throughout the internet, on our website and on a dedicated property listing website. Your home will always be highly visible to every interested buyer worldwide.

  2. My automated data systems obtain, organize, and optimize data on potential buyers, allowing me to quickly assess, rank, and contact the most likely full-price buyers first with the listing information they want.

  3. My coordinated marketing system makes it possible for me to respond to the needs and interests of potential buyers more quickly and accurately than other Realtors®. We know immediately what information prospective buyers have requested from my website, so that when they hear from us we can provide them with exactly what they’re looking for. Buyers using our website receive regular e-mail notifications of new home listings that match their search criteria–automatically!

  4. We are always available to potential buyers. We know about every caller or website visitor contacting us – immediately. Being immediately aware of buyers and Realtors®means we are immediately available to buyers and their Realtors®–and that means your home is immediately visible, as well.

Don’t Waste Time…With our coordinated system of buyer identification and prioritization, up-to-the-minute, contact management and response, multi-pronged marketing methods, and technological capability, we can guarantee you the best opportunity you can find to make your home sale an unqualified success.