High Level Financing Process

  1. Complete the loan application.
    This is the most important step. The information can be gathered in person or over the phone. Now is the time to disclose all material financial data, and discuss financing options available. The quality of this meeting is essential to a smooth loan approval. An application fee may be required by the lender.

  2. Order supporting documentation
    Immediately following the loan application, supporting documentation is ordered. This includes credit reports, verifications of deposits, income, and mortgages. Certain other documents will be requested: W-2s, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. The lending institution requests an appraisal of the home, a credit report and verification of employment and assets, such as bank and brokerage accounts. While awaiting the return of the verifications, we will receive regular updates from your loan officer.

  3. Loan cost estimate
    The lender will provide specific loan information and an estimate of your loan costs, in the form of a Cost Estimate.

  4. Lender evaluation
    The lender evaluates the application, along with supporting documentation.

  5. Loan approval
    Pop a cork! The loan is approved. All parties are notified. Any further conditions required by the lender are handled at this time.

  6. Loan documents
    The lender will draw loan documents and send them to the Title Company or Closing Attorney for final signatures.

  7. Closing
    Sign closing documents. The signed documents are returned to the lender. After review, the loan is funded (funds sent from the lender to the Title Company or Closing Attorney).

  8. Funding
    The lender disburses the funds to the settlement or closing agent. Seller is paid, and title to the home is yours.

  9. Recording
    Appropriate documents are recorded at the county recorder’s office.