Loan Do’s & Don’ts


  • Tell the loan officer everything; disclose all potential problems with regard to credit, employment, and source of funds
  • Disclose all income and debts
  • Disclose all sources of funds. If you are receiving funds as a gift from a family member a “gift” letter will be needed
  • Disclose alimony and child support
  • Bring a cashier’s check to the closing or arrange for funds to be wired prior to closing. Personal checks will not be accepted except to make up a small difference in funds needed for closing
  • Ask questions


  • Incur additional debt while loan is in progress
  • Apply for new credit during the application process
  • Change employment while loan is in process or prior to closing
  • Transfer funds between depositories without keeping detailed records
  • Make any large purchases during the loan process
  • Procrastinate providing information when requested