The moving timetable

4 weeks before the move

  1. Do-it-yourself movers — line up access to packing materials such as furniture pads, hand truck, dolly, packing tape (to tape furniture doors closed and cords up), nylon packing string and rope, scissors, markers and utility knife. And, begin packing.
  2. Schedule move-in with property manager if moving to a condominium
  3. Clean or repair any appliances that need it
  4. Use up perishables — such as food in the freezer
  5. Transfer all prescriptions to your new pharmacy
  6. Make copies of important documents: school records, insurance, driver’s registration, etc.
  7. Have rugs and drapes cleaned and keep them in bags until the mover arrives
  8. Collect all items being repaired, cleaned or stored

4 days before the move

  1. Pack suitcases for the trip to your new home. Put in extra clothes for emergencies.
  2. Pack an “Instant Aid” box containing things you’ll need upon arrival: sponges, paper towels, laundry detergent, paper plates, toothpaste, light bulbs, hammer, trash bags, hand soap, toilet paper, scissors, utility knife, coffee cups, tea kettle, snacks, pencils and paper, masking tape, bath towels and shelf-lining materials
  3. Make an inventory of every item and box to be loaded onto the truck
  4. Set aside valuables and legal documents to go with you
  5. Forward your mail to your new address
  6. Disconnect utilities the day after the move so there is no interruption in service for the buyers.

1 day before the move

  1. Point out to packers any extra-fragile items needing special attention. Mark any items you do not want moved. Remember movers pack everything — even the garbage.
  2. Leave mirrors and pictures on the wall for the movers to pack
  3. Leave beds assembled; take off sheets and blankets
  4. Unplug all TV sets 24 hours in advance so they will be at room temperature the day of the move. Moving a set in which heat is retained could damage internal parts.
  5. Do-it-yourself movers finish packing

Moving-out day

  1. Do-it-yourself movers should pick up the truck early
  2. If using movers, use your inventory list to ensure that all items are loaded on the truck
  3. Let the movers know where you can be reached
  4. Before you sign it, read the bill of lading. Keep it in a safe place until furnishings are delivered, charges are paid and claims are settled
  5. Broom clean house

Moving-in day

  1. Check items off your list as the movers are unloading them
  2. Make sure utilities are hooked up
  3. Be on hand to answer questions, make necessary payment arrangements, give directions and examine your furnishings